There are new partnerships arising in the medical field. Normally, it is patients that are cost-conscious when it comes to medical expenses. Now physicians are working together in order to provide affordable services. Express Medical Imaging has state-of-the-art imaging services that can provide you with MRI results within 20 minutes! They provide mammograms that use half the dose of radiation that is normally required with old technology. These mammograms have reduced the number of callbacks, which helps to reduce costs, emotional stress and cuts out unnecessary tests. Express Imaging also has a mobile service that can provide MRI Imaging for those who may not be able to travel. Their goal in the future is to get MRI squads that can travel to low-income communities.  The benefits to a free market health system is that companies like Express Medical imaging can provide quality services at an affordable rate for women. Affordable rates also slow the depletion of grants, this allows more low-income women to have access to screenings.


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