2022 Attestation Requirements

§ 414.1375 Promoting Interoperability (PI) performance category.

  • The Prevention of Information Blocking Attestation
    Organization/Individual has acted in good faith when implementing and using their CEHRT to exchange electronic health information. This includes working with technology developers and others who build CEHRT to make sure the technology is used correctly and is connected (and enabled) to meet applicable standards and laws. The attestation also states that the organization’s policies and workflows are enabled and do not restrict the CEHRT’s functionality in any way.
  • The ONC Direct Review Attestation
    Acknowledges the requirement to cooperate in good faith with ONC direct review of his or her health information technology certified under the ONC Health IT Certification Program if a request to assist in ONC direct review is received.
  • The Security Risk Analysis measure, and;
    Report that the MIPS eligible clinician completed the actions included in the Security Risk Analysis measure during the year in which the performance period occurs.

    Note: Security Risk Analysis (SRA) must be completed by December 31st, of the calendar year the SRA covers.

    Depending on the State the organization/individual must submit their SRA documentation by January of the subsequent year.

  • The SAFER Guides measure.
    A new attestation requirement for completing an annual assessment of all nine Safety Assurance Factors for EHR Resilience Guides (SAFER Guides) during the EHR reporting period.

    Safety Assurance Factors for EHR Resilience Guides (SAFER Guides) measure requires MIPS clinicians to attest to conducting an annual self-assessment of the SAFER Guides High Priority Practices. This means MIPS clinicians must complete one of the nine SAFER Guides assessments in 2022. Each of the SAFER Guides begins with a checklist of recommended practices.

    Note:The SAFER Guides assessment does not replace HIPAA or MIPS obligations for performing or reviewing an SRA.