On an almost daily basis, I read something new regarding telemedicine updates and recommendations. The changes I read regarding telemedicine are unprecedented and the fact that President Trump declared a National Emergency makes it easier to forget about the rules and simply do what you can with this opportunity.


I have answered questions regarding HIPAA and telemedicine and even about using phones for voice interaction between patient and Providers. However, the fact that we have so much leeway doesn’t mean this is the wild west and that common sense can go out the door. Also, understand that there are many factors and legislative hurdles you may have to consider before engaging in telemedicine services. For your benefit, we are enclosing some of the HIPAA guidance released by the Office for Civil Rights as it regards COVID 19 as well as our recommendations as you move forward.


HIPAA. HIPAA has specific guidance as it relates to Emergencies, yet the COVID 19 resulted in specific guidance from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). While the guidance is quite extensive some of the highlights include: